The 360 Afrika Forum                 

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    Nairobi -  April 20-21


THE 360 Afrika Forum

Join us for an inspiring afternoon on Saturday April 21st at Nairobi Garage to start creating a future that can serve us all.

The 360 Afrika Forum is building community that connects emerging technologies, the creators exploring what’s recently possible, and the organizations and industries that can apply this new knowledge at scale.

See the schedule here.

Society is at the cusp of great technological change that will fundamentally alter how we work, play, and understand ourselves. Whether this change is for the better is up to us. We are bringing together a diverse group of East African storytellers, companies, organizations and hackers to begin this conversation.

Explore how drones, gamification, design thinking, VR/AR, and machine learning can impact your industry and your work. Learn from and connect with the most experienced practitioners in East Africa including Black Rhino, NboStoryLab, Code for Africa, Enter Africa, Nairobi Design Week, Fuse Catalyst, and ONA stories. 

We only have 75 places, so please RSVP soon as we expect the event to fill up quickly. Tickets are free, but should be reserved.



AR/VR HAckathon

360 Afrika is proud to host the first pan-Africa AR/VR hackathonThe hackathon launches at 16:00 on Friday the 20th and concludes at 16:00 on Sunday the 22nd at Nairobi Garage.

 For 48 hours six teams will compete with each other and six other countries for over $15,000 worth of prizes.  (Competing countries include Egypt, Tunisia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Mozambique, and South Africa.)

The theme for the AR/VR Africa Hackathon is ‘Creating Our Future’ with teams tasked with building solutions for EducationHealthCareTourism, the Environment and Social Justice.

Come see the demos Sunday afternoon and see who takes home the prize!

Teams have already been selected. If you are involved in the hackathon and need more information you can reach the team at:



The first annual 360 Afrika forum brings together artists, writers, creatives, hackers, filmmakers, activists organizations and entrepreneurs.  Our mission is to build community to support democratizing access to emerging technology while inspiring the next generation to make it open to all.

See the program below and join us Saturday April 21st.




VR Open Cinema




Come and experience immersive exhibitions and VR films. 

The famous VR Duka will showcase VR films made by members of the NBOstoryLab. We will also have cardboard headsets and facilitators to show you how easy it is to watch and make VR.. 

Nairobi's first immersive cardboard VR dome will showcase  films made in the region. 

VR stations powered by the Oculus Rift and Oculus Gear headsets will show some of the best films from Africa and around the world. 

A data visualization exhibition will highlight work by the Woman Republic collective, the Nonaligned, and Code for Africa.







A series of short talks about emerging technology and what's coming next. Hosted by Nairobi Design Week, NboStoryLab, and Tulanana Bohela from Ona Stories.






Rapid labs to learn about new technology and brainstorm how it can work for you. 

Lab 1: CITIZEN JOURNALISM MAPPING (Mapping: (no) Big Deal)

Lab 2: VR FOR THE PEOPLE (NboStoryLab and Black Rhino)

Lab 3: DATA IS OUR SUPERPOWER (Code for Africa)


Lab 5: WOMEN IN MACHINE LEARNING (Muthoni and Kathleen)

Lab 6: DRONE ON (Microdrone)

Lab 7: ART MEETS DATA (Woman Republic)




18:45 – 19:30



How can we design the future we want with the next generation of technology? (A panel and group discussion with the people already doing it!)  





19:30 - 21:00



This is what it's all about. 

Learn about and discuss the ideas that emerged from the forum.

Make connections.

Meet the Hackers at the AR/VR Hackathon. It will be in it's 28th hour!

Join informal conversations at Tech tables with experts. 

Enjoy Drinks and Bitings and Music.



Come by Nairobi Garage for a public event showcasing Data exhibitions and VR on Sunday afternoon.

Stay for the VR/AR Hackathon demos and award ceremony from 16:00 to 18:00. 




Join 360 Afrika and the NBOstoryLab team for a VR workshop on April 18th at our pop up studio at Nairobi Garage (7th Floor), Pinetree Plaza off Ngong Road. 

The workshop will teach you all that you need to know about VR. You will also get the chance to build the first VR dome in Kenya!

Build a VR dome cinema 10:00-17:00

Want to build an immersive VR Dome? Out of cardboard? This is a hands-on experience working with cardboard and projectors to build an awesome virtual reality space that needs no headset!

Experience VR 10:00-17:00

Want to check out what VR really is? There will be films and headsets set up for you to play with all day. 

0-360 Mobile VR 16:00-18:00

Did you know you can make a full VR experience on your smartphone in 15 minutes? You’ll learn to use a 360 camera, upload and edit the videos on your phone and watch them on Google Cardboard. 

Informal Panel Discussion 18:00 - 19:00

Explore the creative and social implications of this new technology with the NboStoryLab team. 


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